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Kacey Barnfield Interview on the Set of Blood Orange

A video interview with Kacey Barnfield on the set of her upcoming movie Blood Orange, a contemporary film noir co-starring Iggy Pop and Ben Lamb.

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Kacey Barnfield’s Co-Star Discusses Seeking Dolly Parton and What It Was Like Playing Her Lover

Anya Monzikova gave an interview with Russian Chicago Magazine recently discussing Seeking Dolly Parton and what it was like playing Kacey Barnfield’s on-screen lover. This is an abridged version. – Our last interview with you was almost a year ago, what projects are you working … Continue reading

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Interview with Kacey Barnfield When She Was Only 13 Years Old

This is a small magazine interview Kacey Barnfield gave when she was just 13 and already starring in Grange Hill. Star sign: “Capricorn.” Fave smoothie: “Strawberry.” Fave singer: “Craig David.” Last CD bought: “Destiny’s Child album.” Ambition: “To be a famous actor, director or producer.” Best things about being 13? “You … Continue reading

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