How to dress your collection of Nordstrom Galleria fabrics in the latest instalment of our gallery frame set

With this week’s launch of the new collection of art gallery fabrics at Nordstrom, you can dress your wardrobe up in the style of the company you grew up with.

From the classic to the modern, the collections are inspired by the brands that have inspired you over the years. 

Check out our gallery of the best pieces to add to your wardrobe below: This collection is available for purchase at Nordscons collection shop, which can be found online, in stores, and in stores. 

There’s a collection of jeans, t-shirts, and jackets to add the classic look to, plus a collection with classic prints for the modern wardrobe. 

If you want to give your wardrobe a modern twist, there’s a range of clothing and accessories designed to look like your favourite outfits.

Check out the full collection below: