New Houston restaurant openings hit a major snag after opening

Restaurants in Houston are struggling to get through the busy summer season due to the closure of many restaurants in the city.

According to Eater, the Galleria Restaurant in the Houston Convention Center is the latest restaurant to be closed for the season, due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

The Galleria closed after a virus outbreak at its flagship location in the Convention Center, causing extensive damage to the building.

The restaurant was shut down for two weeks and reopened only when the virus was contained.

According the Houston Chronicle, the new Galleria restaurant will be open from September 1 through February 11.

The Houston Restaurant Association said that it has already started planning the next two months of events to keep the restaurant open.

The chain’s restaurant in downtown Houston has also closed for its second straight week, after the Galleries Galleria in the Heights reopened for the holiday season on Thursday.

Houston is a major hub for tourism and the tourism industry has been struggling since the end of the pandemic in late September.

In a letter to the Houston Chamber of Commerce, the city’s transportation department said that more than 500 flights were canceled and that the city will only have four flights open for two more weeks.

The city’s Chamber of Business said that there are now at least 10 businesses that have closed due to illness.

Houston has also experienced severe weather in the last week, as the temperature dropped to 40 degrees below zero on Tuesday, which is considered a winter weather state.

The temperature is expected to drop to 30 degrees on Wednesday and will remain below zero for the rest of the week.