How to tell a chocobos hair from a wolf chaser’s

You might have heard the saying, “You’re a choco, and you’re not allowed to cut your hair.”

But that isn’t the only thing you need to know when it comes to chocobo hair.

We also know that a wolf’s hair is incredibly beautiful, but that it can be quite tricky to tell apart from a chocobo’s.

Here’s how to tell which one is real and which is just a fake.


The Chocobos Hair Doesn’t Fall Out If you want to know if a chocolaty chocobo hair is real, or just a product of a synthetic process, you need a photo of the hair in the wild.

Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

1) Check out the roots If you can, try to take a picture of the roots before you cut it off.

This can help determine if it’s real or a product made from synthetic fibers.

2) Check the hair is healthy If you see any signs of disease, such as discoloration, shrinkage, or discolored or discolorations, the hair might not be real.

3) Look for a natural source of color This is one of the most common and often overlooked tips when it’s time to buy a chico.

Look for natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and bamboo.

4) Take a photo to prove it’s authentic If you’re still unsure, ask the person at the checkout to take the photo.

This will show you if the product looks natural and whether the hair does fall out.

5) Look at the hair’s shape If the hair isn’t cut off at the roots, you may need to remove the hair to get a better look at the shape of the natural fibers.

For example, if you have a long ponytail, you could try to cut it up.

If the roots are long, you might want to trim it off at some point to make sure the hair doesn’t fall out, which can be harder to do if the roots don’t fall apart.

If you have long hair, consider getting a trimming service to help you cut down.

6) Do your research First, you should be sure to ask the shop owner to confirm whether the product is genuine.

If they say it’s not real, ask if the owner is available to speak with you about it.

If it’s a synthetic product, ask to speak to the synthetic supplier who is currently producing the product.

For natural fibers, you can always contact a professional, such the botanist or natural hair expert.

7) Measure and take photos If you are confident you can determine the length and shape of your hair, you’ll want to get the measurements taken.

This is especially important when it come to long hair that has been cut off.

A good rule of thumb is to get at least three measurements.

Take the measurements at least once, and record the length, width, and depth.

For chocobo-hair, take the measurements from the crown of the head to the root of the back of the scalp.

The lengths and the widths of the measurements will give you an indication of how long your hair is. 8) Keep your chocobo out of reach When you buy a new chocobo, keep it out of sight.

Even if it looks like the natural fiber that the shop sells is not real.

Always keep the chocobo in a room that is secure, with no one else around it, away from people who might be taking pictures.

9) Take care of your grooming chocobo There are a number of tips for keeping your grooming dog out of the way.

First, don’t wear your grooming bag while grooming your chocos.

This means that you need an extra set of gloves, a leash, and some kind of guard for your chico, such a a plastic bag.

Second, wear a good quality mask while grooming.

A mask helps keep out all the dirt, debris, and bacteria that could cause infection.

Also, be sure your choco is wearing gloves and a protective mask, like a rubber mask, when grooming.

Finally, you don’t want your grooming kit to be left in your chocolates closet.

Keep it in a place that you can reach and keep it clean, and away from other chocolaters.