‘Beauty and the Beast’ Gets a Big Update in 2nd Season

Sims, Barbie, and more are coming to the Disney Infinity universe.

The “Beauty & the Beast” franchise will get a brand new “Beautys” episode and two new “Bats” characters.

These two characters will make an appearance in the “Beauties & the Beasts” season 3.

The new “Beast” will be voiced by Emma Watson, and the “Birds” character will be the female counterpart of Belle from the Disney animated series “Beautiful and the Bambi.”

Disney Infinity 3.0 is also adding new features to the game.

The Disney Infinity app now has a new “Friends” and “Favorites” feature, where you can see your favorite Disney Infinity characters and pets and even add them to your wishlist.

Additionally, “Play With Friends” lets you invite friends and family to join you in-game.

The app will also now allow you to play with friends from the same household and even invite them to join your party.

The App Store has also launched a new app, called “Play and Run,” that lets you play with a group of friends or family, even if they’re not connected to the app. 

Disney Infinity 4.0 adds new toys, items, and pets from the “Miles” series, and new ways to earn them.

There’s also a new skill tree that lets players create new items, toys, and vehicles. 

“Play With Your Friends” has been revamped, allowing players to invite friends or families to join them in-app.

It’s also available to watch on the Disney Parks app, and Disney Infinity Hub is launching a new way to access the app for those who want to get their hands on it. 

In addition, the Disney App Store now offers new ways for you to earn new content and unlock exclusive content from the games and films you’ve purchased, and to create new Disney Infinity toys, games, and other Disney content.

The Disney Parks app is also now live, and you can get a free six-pack of Disney Infinity goodies if you sign up to get updates on the new apps.