How to wrap a canvas in a hair-raising bun

Gagosian Gallery, a Washington, D.C., chain of boutiques that sells a wide range of fashion and home decor accessories, is launching a limited edition line of hair-wrapping accessories.

The Gagosians say their line of bun products are designed for “women who are tired of seeing the same thing over and over again” and “the perfect accessory for the perfect person.”

They include a bun with a hair comb and a bun brush, bun trimmer and bun-holder, and a trimmer with a bun comb and hair-dryer.

The accessories will be available for purchase in Gagosia stores throughout April and will be made in-house.

“The bun is a beautiful touch,” Gagosiam said in a statement.

“It’s also one of the most important parts of your hair, and it can be a beautiful and unique touch to a whole look.”

The Gamesian chain is one of many fashion and interior design chain with a tie to hair-care.

Earlier this year, the Gagosias Beauty brand announced that its bun-maker, Hair-O-Matic, would be adding a bun-making line.

The company plans to start shipping the bun-plastic to customers in the U.S. this spring.

In an interview with Style Magazine, the company said its Bun Plastic Bunter will include a hair dryer and a hair trimmer, “and then a bun holder with a comb.”

Gagosius says it is partnering with a third-party hair stylist to make bun accessories, and Gagosium said it will begin selling the bun products in the fall.

The new line is part of Gagosial’s efforts to appeal to a younger audience.

The chain has already started selling hair trimmers in the past, but Gagosiana is the first to introduce hair-related accessories.

Gagosiosa Beauty, a New York-based hair-products retailer, launched a line of buns with hair in 2013, and the company also launched its Bun Bun Bun in 2014.

The line of products include buns, trimmings and hair trimmers, and they include a “bun trimmer,” which features a hair brush and hair styler.