How to Buy Bitcoin: How to use the Blockchain to Get Paid

The biggest bitcoin mining operation in the world has decided to shut down after it was discovered that some of its employees are paid in bitcoin.

The operation in San Francisco’s Sherman Oaks, California, operates under a different name than its original one, which has been registered as a Bitcoin Mining Facility, and is operated by mining company Coincheck.

The company, which is run by a man named Andrew Cohen, confirmed to Recode that some employees of the company are paid by cryptocurrency mining.

This has been confirmed by Coincheaks CEO, Alex Mather, who confirmed to us that his company pays some employees in bitcoin, but he wouldn’t say how much they earn.

Coinches cofounder, Peter B. Schmitz, has also confirmed to CoinDesk that some Coincheres employees are receiving bitcoin.

“We do pay employees in cryptocurrency for certain functions,” Schmitze told Recode.

“Our business model is that we pay our employees for their time and for their efforts.

If you are a miner and you’re working for us, you’re getting paid in cryptocurrency.”

He added that they pay employees as much as they can for their work.

A spokesperson for Coinchere did not respond to Recodes request for comment.

CoinDesk has reached out to Coincher for comment on the situation.