Roseville mall has more than 3,000 teen galleries, 1,000 apple gallery

NEW YORK — Roseville Galleria Mall is a bustling shopping and dining destination, with more than 1,200 galleries and more than 500 apple shops.

Rosevillians love the variety of food items and treats, but it is the outdoor galleries that draw them in.

It is a popular destination for teenagers, said Chris D’Agostino, Roseville’s marketing manager.

There are so many kids in the mall that the outdoor areas are packed, and the mall is not far from the Roseville River.

“If you go to Roseville, you will be surrounded by the best of the best,” D’Agnostino said.

Some of the younger people will take their iPads and iPhones to the outdoor mall and the Apple Store.

This year, the mall will host the annual Apple Family Fun Weekend with activities ranging from Apple Festa, a family fun day with live entertainment and crafts, to Apple Kids Fest.

The mall will also have an Apple Store on the first floor of the mall.

D’Agastino said the outdoor art space is also an easy place to get in touch with friends and family.

People are also drawn to the apple store because it has a lot of local vendors and their products are locally grown.

While the mall has grown, D’Ansto said the main attraction is the outdoors.

If you are going to visit the Rosevillians, make sure you check out the Roseburg Apple Museum.