‘Mulan’ stars discuss all the new trailers for new film

The new trailer for Mulan has us excited for the next installment, but we can’t wait for a sneak peek at some of the new footage.

The trailer introduces a new character, Kankur, played by Chinese actress Song Kang.

Kankurs role in the film, as well as his relationship with his father, is very different from that of his predecessors.

In the previous films, the young boy was given his own name and went by his real name.

This new film opens with Kankuri’s real name being Kankumuri and he has a different name.

Song Kang also plays the role of a character called Kankulun who is very similar to his predecessor, but is played by the Chinese actor Song Hui.

The film opens up with a montage of Kankuria’s adventures, as he is chased by the evil spirits known as “the Five Ghosts,” and is joined by his sister.

In a scene that makes us think of the animated movie The Five Ghosts, the Five Ghosts take Kankuru to the forest where they hide and kill him, leaving Kanku to die on the ground.

The movie also has a new opening sequence that shows the “five ghosts” fighting and defeating the Five Spirits.

We can expect a great battle between the ghosts and the Five Shadows, which is what makes the film a bit different from previous films.

Another cool aspect of the trailer is that the characters are voiced by the actors in the movie.

In previous films they were only given names and voice, but this time they are given names that will resonate with audiences, like “Tulang” and “Suey”.

The movie also opens with a new music video, featuring two Chinese singers who are the stars of the upcoming film, Kang Yong and Gong Xiong.

Gong Xiangu, who is played in the original Mulan, will also be voicing Kankura.

The trailer also includes a new voiceover from Song Kang that tells us that the spirit “the five ghosts” is an evil spirit, and the film will be about the fight between good and evil.

We can also expect some new characters to join the movie, which will include the new “Seven Ghosts,” as well.

We also got a glimpse of the movie’s antagonist, the evil Five Shadow, who will fight Kankurbai.

The actor is played as a very familiar name, but it was unknown who would play him until now.

We already know that the film is set to open in Chinese theaters in March, but the director did not confirm when the film would be released in theaters, but did say that the movie will be released to theaters worldwide.

This new trailer also features a new set piece.

It features two new characters, a Chinese-American girl named Wang Jing, and a Chinese actor named Yang Yu.

Yang Yu is played with a more serious and powerful look, but has a softer side, like her Chinese friend, Song Kang, who plays a more innocent character.

Yang is the only character that looks like a human, and she has a similar voice as her character.

The new character Wang Jing is also voiced by a Chinese actress, and her name is Qi Wei.

The movie opens with another montage, showing Wang Jing’s journey through the jungle and through the Five Shadow’s lair.

In this montage we see Wang Jing and the new character Yang Yu as they fight against the Five Shrews.

We are also shown more of the characters that the filmmakers are bringing in the new trailer.

We even get a look at a new weapon the Five Ghost has brought into the movie: a whip.

We have to be excited to see what will happen in the trailer for this movie.

We will keep you posted on all the latest news regarding this movie as it comes out.