When I get arrested: How I overcame a broken heart gallery collection

When I got arrested, it was not for something that had never happened.

I had a broken hip and my hip was dislocated.

It was a real life nightmare.

I was a child, and my mom was an addict.

I just couldn’t handle the pain.

I had a few drinks at a bar and was going to go home, but then a friend told me, “Hey, I want to give you some help.”

I didn’t have any money and I wasn’t sure if it was legal, but I told her, “I’ll give you my money and you can help me find a place to stay.”

So she went back and called up my family and told them that I was going out to a motel.

So my mom and dad and I were staying at the motel for three nights.

I thought, Oh, I am so lucky.

I got out of jail in two days.

I went to the local grocery store and bought some diapers.

I remember getting a little bit of cash for them.

I would say, “Mom, we are going to have to stay in this hotel.”

I could barely breathe because of the pain I had.

I felt like a prisoner.

I couldn’t talk to anyone, I could only see my mom through the window and hear her scream.

I knew that I couldn