How much did the Westgate shopping mall cost to open?

The Westgate mall, home to the Austin American-Statesman, is in a transition phase as it looks to open its first phase this year.

For many, the Westgates retail space is a place where they can get freebies from Target and Walgreens, which is why it’s often a popular hangout among locals and tourists.

However, the mall is also in the middle of a massive overhaul.

Its been closed for the past two years as the mall works to get its retail and dining operations up to par.

The new Westgate opened in December 2016 and it opened with a different concept.

Instead of a large store, Westgate now has a restaurant and bar, as well as an outdoor area.

That new concept means a new dining area, outdoor seating and a smaller number of food and beverage options.

A new design is in the works as well.

“We wanted to create an environment that we felt was authentic, but in a new way,” said Westgate spokesman Brian Johnson.

There are also a number of new restaurants and bars to go along with the new concept.

Westgate is also offering a special VIP package, which will allow you to sit on the roof and watch the show.

It will be available to Westgate customers beginning Thursday.

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to eat, Westgals is offering a menu of new favorites.

Johnson said the menu is being expanded to include more appetizers and other menu items that aren’t currently on the menu.

They’re looking to add new restaurants in the coming months, including a new take on the traditional French toast and the new grilled cheese sandwich.

Also on Thursday, West Gates has launched an online store for the mall’s first-ever online store.

I don’t know how many people are going to be coming down here, but we will be bringing the mall to life,” Johnson said.

We will be selling merchandise, apparel, food, home goods, and more, he said.

There are now plans to add another restaurant and restaurant-themed lounge, and Westgate is adding a third location.

Other changes coming to the mall include a new plaza and outdoor seating.

Westgate is opening at 12:01 a.m. on Friday.

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