Flavour of the month: ‘I want to go back to where I was’: A new breed of ‘I Want to Go Back to Where I Was’ gallery

It may not seem like it at the moment, but if you’ve been in the art world for any time you’ve probably seen the word ‘I WANT TO GO BACK TO WHERE I WAS’ on a wall.

A new generation of galleries are taking the term and re-imagining it in a new way.

Here are some of the best of them.1.

‘The Best of Flavours’ at The Gagosian Gallery in New York (Photo: The Gazette)The Gagosians, a New York-based gallery, started out as a small collection of paintings and drawings.

Since the early 2000s, however, the collection has grown into an entire exhibition space that is devoted to a range of different styles and subjects, and has also included a range in contemporary art.

It was launched in 2011 and opened the following year.

‘I’m so proud of the Gagosia Gallery because it is taking a different approach to the concept of the gallery,’ said co-founder and curator of the exhibition, Daniel K. Galbraith.

‘We wanted to create a space that was as inclusive as possible, where the audience could interact with our work and have a conversation about the work as well as the art.

The best of flavours.’2.

‘What We’re All About: The Art of Art’ at Artful and Beautiful (Photo, via)A new generation has been following in the footsteps of other galleries that have created galleries of their own, using the term ‘art gallery’ to describe a space where artworks are displayed.

A ‘website’ was added in 2014, to let visitors browse exhibitions and connect with artists, galleries and collections on the site.

The new gallery website was launched a few years ago, and is now the home to a ‘Website for Art’ that also includes galleries and a news section, as well a ‘Festival’ section that includes free events and festivals.3.

‘New York, NY: The Gallery for Contemporary Art’ (Photo via)The Gallery for Art is a new gallery space located in Manhattan that has been set up by artists who were previously working in galleries in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge, and New York.

It opened in May, 2018, and the first two months were extremely busy, with more than 600 works exhibited at the space.

‘Art galleries were a bit like a refuge for the artists, who would get together for a few weeks or months and just talk, write, paint, paint,’ said Artful & Beautiful’s head of exhibitions, Emily T. McLean.

‘Now they’re starting to get back together and having more time to make work.’4.

‘Grosvenor’s Place in the Art World’ (Image via)Grosvedor’s House is a studio on the Lower East Side of New York that opened in 2017.

The gallery features more than 300 works from contemporary artists and a number of installations, from an architectural sculpture by the artist and his wife to a mural by an American artist.

‘They’re all connected to one another and all connected by an artist’s work,’ said McLean, adding that there are also a number installations by the likes of Robert K. Moeller and Jean-Michel Basquiat.5.

‘A Modern Perspective’ at Gallery 4 Gallery in Houston (Photo by Ryan Van Alstine, via Gallery 4)Houston’s Gallery 4, which opened in late 2017, is a curated gallery of contemporary art, showcasing works by a range from contemporary to traditional artists.

‘One of the things that we’re excited about is this sense of community that exists around art,’ said head of art at Gallery4, David W. Rochat.

‘There’s always a sense of being able to come together, and that’s something that we hope will grow over time as we expand to more artists.’6.

‘Mondelez House’ (via)A gallery in New Jersey has been doing just that, turning its collection of contemporary and contemporary art into a new museum, MondelezHouse, which opens in March 2019.

‘It’s not like a museum, it’s a museum for the people,’ said the gallery’s curator of contemporary Art, Elizabeth A. DePuy.

‘Our mission is to showcase the work of the artists who have worked on the show that is being curated at MondeleziHouse, and to allow them to showcase that work in a way that is inclusive, accessible, and supportive.’7.

‘Fulbright’s Gallery’ (photo via)Fulbold’s House opened in 2015 in New Haven, Connecticut, where it was designed as a space for art, film and theater, where work can be exhibited, exhibited and made into a performance. ‘This was