Jared the Galleria’s Facebook post about #BlackLivesMatter has now been deleted

Posted by Hacker News on January 10, 2018 03:16:29If you’re not familiar with Jared the Galleries, it’s a clothing and accessory store that’s owned by one Jared C. Johnson, a man who has been accused of harassing Black women.

Johnson has been the subject of several harassment complaints, and a number of other allegations have also been made against him, including for allegedly threatening to kill Black women, making racist jokes, and generally acting out a racist culture.

He has also been the target of a slew of hateful and threatening messages.

In response to the recent harassment, Johnson posted on Facebook, “You people have made me a little sick and I will not go quietly into the night.

I will no longer wear clothes that support hate.

I am not going to wear clothes from places that do not support Black lives.

I want to take the gloves off.

And I will go to work with them.”

Johnson’s post quickly drew backlash, with many calling it an attack on Black people.

Johnson responded by claiming that his comments were meant to be a “satirical commentary” and to point out that “all Black people are victims of racism” and “all are victims.”

Johnson, who has not commented on the issue, has been removed from the company’s Facebook page, but the post has since been deleted.

Johnson’s Facebook posts have attracted more than a million likes and more than 4,000 shares.

The Galleries has since taken down the post.