Figis Gallery – Shooting at India’s Mall Shooting Gallery: The Fears of a Nudist Family

In this article , you’ll learn about the shooting at the Indian mall shooting gallery in Pune, India, and the fears of the nudist family living in the vicinity.

Figs gallery was one of the five galleries that closed down due to the incident.

Sources say the incident happened at the gallery’s entrance and at a party, and there were reports of a gunman and at least one person with him.

The shooting gallery is located at the intersection of Mall Road and Chikmagalur Road in the city of Pune.

A total of 13 people have been detained in connection with the incident, and five police have been killed.

Inspector General of Police, M S Srivastava, told NDTV that the shooting gallery had a “large amount of weapons” inside the gallery.

“We are still working on getting information from the public regarding the identity of the deceased,” he said.

He added that the investigation is on to establish whether there was any threat to public safety and if so, if anyone was involved in any kind of criminal act.

Pune is a city of 8,500 people in Maharashtra, one of India’s most populous states.