Bottleneck Gallery closes amid backlash over ‘unfortunate’ photos

A picture gallery has closed after a series of embarrassing photos of women in lingerie that were deemed too provocative for a workplace photo op.

The “brave” gallery in downtown Los Angeles, which also hosts other gallery events, was one of several in Los Angeles to shut down due to the controversy over the photos, which were posted by women who said they were not wearing any lingerie and that they felt uncomfortable.

“The women’s bodies are the subjects of our work, not our clothing,” a statement on the website reads.

“We are sorry for the hurt and embarrassment caused by these photographs and are committed to doing our best to remedy this issue.”

The gallery has also closed for two weeks, according to a statement posted on the gallery’s Facebook page.

The controversy started on Monday, when two women posted photos of themselves in lingeria and said they felt “unfamiliar” with the material.

The women were wearing lingerie but said they did not feel comfortable with it and felt uncomfortable being photographed in the same outfit.

The gallery posted photos on Wednesday of three women in a similar pose, with the caption “shoes, dresses, and lingerie.”

The photos sparked a flood of negative comments and messages from women, who felt the photos were not a “safe environment.”

The gallery’s Instagram account was shut down on Friday and all images removed.