Which costume is your favourite?

This is the fifth of a series on the latest fashion trends in the sport of mixed martial arts.

We’ll look at the costumes of the top MMA fighters, as well as their latest creations.

The first two posts featured the UFC’s Conor McGregor and Jon Jones, while the third post was headlined “The Ultimate Fighter 30” winner, Michael Bisping.

The most popular costume for the UFC fighters has long been the red and black, and it’s the most popular for UFC fights since the first edition of UFC on FOX 14 in 2013.

McGregor and Jones both wore it in the second season of UFC 20, and both wore the black and red for their UFC 21 bout against Anderson Silva.

The first time McGregor wore the red, he wore a black hoodie and black pants.

The second time he wore it, he had a black top, which made him look even more like a redhead.

The third time, he got the black pants with the red hoodie.

And the fourth time, the black top.

The black and white design that McGregor and his opponents wore during the fight made a lot of sense in comparison to the red color that was on the other fighters’ clothes.

But the red was more popular than the black, so the UFC decided to give McGregor the red again.

This is where it gets interesting.

The UFC decided that McGregor’s red and blue shirt, which had been a red and white color for the past several years, was the right color for his fight.

The black and black color had been too similar, and he had to choose.

The red was much better for his look, so he chose the red.

And it was a red shirt.

The red shirt was so much better than the red pants that it seemed like it was going to be the best choice for McGregor.

But there was a problem.

The fight’s promoters decided to cancel the fight.

McGregor’s fight was sold out, so his promoters decided not to sell out his fight again.

McGregor was in the middle of a huge promotion tour.

McGregor would be the first UFC fighter to ever have a fight with his promoter cancelled.

McGregor went on to win his UFC title in his UFC 21 rematch against Silva.

But his win wasn’t enough to earn him a rematch with the UFC.

He was supposed to fight for the belt in his rematch against Anderson.

But Anderson Silva pulled out of the fight because of his health issues.

So McGregor was left with the belt.

The UFC later gave McGregor another chance.

McGregor lost the rematch, but was given another chance at the title shot against Anderson in the next title fight.

He beat Anderson again, so McGregor got the next shot at the belt, and then another shot at Anderson.

McGregor won again, but this time, UFC President Dana White said McGregor’s opponent, Dan Henderson, would fight him in his next title shot.

McGregor got this one, too, so Anderson Silva fought McGregor again.

Anderson Silva got the last shot at McGregor, as McGregor was on his way out of UFC.

The Brazilian, who was undefeated at the time, defeated McGregor for the title in the UFC 31 card.

He did it without any sort of title shot, as he had no other title options.

Silva lost to McGregor in the third round, and McGregor won his next fight in the belt against Bispa, who would become UFC champion.

McGregor defeated Bispi in the rematch and became the first fighter in UFC history to win three titles in three different weight classes.