When the first lady’s husband says the country’s a ‘hellhole’

When first lady Michelle Obama announced her husband, President Donald Trump, was considering a run for the White House, her husband was quick to take to Twitter to decry her move.

“The United States is a hellhole,” the president tweeted.

“I will fight for you and our great country if necessary.”

The first lady and her husband both campaigned in Iowa on Friday, where the first family has been in town for several weeks.

At a rally in Iowa City, Iowa, the president made a series of veiled references to the media and the “hellhole” the country has become.

“They’re telling me this is the America we know, that this is what we all wanted, and now we’re seeing it in practice,” he said, drawing applause.

“And then we see the worst of it and it’s not pretty.”

But he did not offer any details on how he would combat the “troubling” effect of Trump’s presidency.

The president’s first wife, Melania Trump, said on Sunday that she believed that the country had moved past the “worst days” of the 2016 election cycle.

“We were in the throes of the worst times in our country’s history, but now that we are in a different place, I think we have more in common with the people of this country than we have ever had,” she said.