How to use the Pass and other guns to keep a cool head

The NRA has released a video showing what it calls the “secret weapon” of gun owners: a pair of earplugs.

The NRA says it’s a way to help keep gun owners cool, and its videos are often used by lawmakers.

In this video, a man wearing a shirt that reads “I Am Not A Nazi” explains how to use an earplug in a gun.

“The earplug is an amazing tool that can make your gun more comfortable and more deadly,” the man said.

“When I turn the earplink on, I’m really calming my head.”

The NRA says its videos can help lawmakers “make the case for common-sense gun safety legislation” and help protect the public.

The video is available online.

Gun owners can use earplins to protect their ears from a variety of noises, including gunfire, explosions, and other noises that may have startled or frightened you.

The Earplug Earplug can help prevent injury from hearing-impaired people, particularly people with hearing loss, said Dr. James W. Rolfe, a professor at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.

“It’s a simple tool, but it’s also very effective,” he said.

Earplugs can also be used for cooling off a firearm.

“Earplins can help to cool off a gun if you want to use it more frequently than usual,” Rolfee said.

If you have a problem with your earplids, you may want to call your doctor.