Which museums in Chicago will reopen?

By Laura St. John-HarrisonPublished Apr 08, 2018 08:50:23Cities are struggling to maintain their art galleries and museums after a series of devastating fires swept through many cities.

Some cities have reopened, while others remain closed.

Here’s what to know about the cities that have reopened.

MuseumsThe Chicago Art Museum and the American Museum of Natural History will reopen Wednesday.

The former will host exhibitions for the public beginning Thursday, while the latter will hold a new exhibition called “The New World,” a collaboration between artist James Fadiman and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The American Museum has said it will open a new building in late May, but a new art exhibit, “The Art of the American Indian,” will debut Friday.

The museum says the new building will be a “modern, open-air museum” that will allow visitors to “enter the world of the Native American and Indian artist.”