What you need to know about the new Walden Galleria mall in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York (CNN) It looks like the mall where you buy the newest Apple watch, the hottest iPhone and the best-selling MacBook Air could be the new home of one of the country’s most popular luxury malls.

Walden Galleries is the first big-box mall in the United States to open up in Manhattan, the city’s economic heartland, and the first mall in New York City to be built on the site of the former Empire State Building.

It’s not just a boutique mall: Walden also has the largest parking lot in the city and is located just blocks from the World Trade Center site, home of the World Financial Center.WALDEN GALLERY IS A CHALLENGE: This is the kind of mall where people walk out in the morning, walk into the night and think, “Where am I going to go in the next 10 years?”

That’s the challenge for Walden, says Kevin Lassiter, president of the retail consulting firm Urban Retail.

“It’s like an all-inclusive lifestyle.

It’s not a shopping mall.

It doesn’t have all the fancy, super-luxurious things that you might see in other malls.

It has a lot of things that people would look forward to.”

Lassiter said Walden is unique because it offers “a lot of great, low-cost products that people could use in a daily routine, as opposed to the typical malls that have to be packed in at a certain time of day.”

The mall is also home to a huge shopping center, a boutique hotel and an art gallery.

Lassit says the company is working on getting a large parking lot for the mall, but it won’t be ready until 2020.

The mall opened last year, and Walden has already had to hire employees, renovate the space and renovate two other buildings.

But Lassite says it’s already a success.

“The new shopping center is going to be a great opportunity for Waldens retail to grow and expand,” he said.

“This mall is a challenge for us to take on, but we believe it’s the right place for us.”

The Walden Mall will have its first stores, restaurants, restaurants and retail shops starting in 2021, the company says.

The company also says it plans to open a second shopping center in the heart of Brooklyn.

The company says the new mall will feature more than 1,000 stores and an Art Gallery, a new fitness center, an outdoor movie theater, a hotel and apartments.