Chicago Art & Design Gallery hosts premiere show, premieres ‘Chasing the Stars’

The Chicago Art Gallery’s “Chasing The Stars” exhibit, curated by Brooklyn-based artist and designer Marcy Zielinski, will be on view at the museum starting April 3.

The show is part of the museum’s continuing expansion into the art world, which is expected to create hundreds of jobs.

“Chasing” opens May 19 with a show by New York-based illustrator Maira Kastelian.

The other two pieces, by Kastenian, “Boys in Love” and “Champion,” will be displayed in the gallery’s current exhibition, “A Night in the Life” on March 15 and “A Conversation with Mairo” on April 5.

The latter piece will be a piece by Zielinksi that will be presented to the public on May 18.

Zielinksis “Chaining” will include works from Zielinskis’ current solo exhibitions, “The Painted Girl” and Zielinsky’s upcoming “Love Is Not a Crime,” both of which will be at the Chicago gallery.

“Chashing” will also include “A Girl, a Girl,” “The Woman,” “Walking Through a Forest,” “Battles of Love” by Zainab Khosla and “Love, War, Love” on Zielenski’s new solo exhibit, “Lights” at the Contemporary Arts Center in June.

The gallery is one of the few in the country to be able to display the works, which Zielinss is proud of for the quality and impact they have had on the artworld.

“I wanted to bring out these beautiful pieces, that have an emotional impact, that I think we haven’t seen,” she told the Chicago Sun-Times.

“I think they’re beautiful, they have an emotion that I feel.

I love them.

And they are beautiful.””

I think the exhibition brings an important part of our culture together,” she said.

“It is the moment of the artist, the moment we are all experiencing.

It is a celebration of the art, it is a moment of discovery, and it is also a moment where we all have a shared history.

I think that is very important.”

The “Charing” exhibition will be Zielinkinski’s first time in Chicago, and she said that her first impression of the city was amazing.

“It was a really wonderful experience, and I’m so grateful that I got to work with so many people,” she added.

“Chicago is a very unique city, and the people are great.

I’m very happy that this has brought me here, and my hope is to continue doing the things that I do.”

Zielinski will be exhibiting the “Chinking” and the “Gorgeous” pieces in her new solo exhibition, which will open April 14.

“Gorey” by Polish artist Andrzej Wieliczak will be exhibited May 6 and “Nest” by Italian artist and sculptor Giulia De La Riva will be shown June 6.