Which Teen’s First Lifestyle Should You Get?

In their book, The Lust of Teenagers: An Insider’s View, we interviewed a slew of teens who have taken up the challenge to find out what their sexiest, most exciting sex lives are.

From the “queenly confident” to the “sensual” to those “looking for more than a night on the town,” they shared their stories with us.

Here’s what we learned about the top 15 sexiest teen girls in the world.


Adriana Lima, New York, New Yorker: I’m a super sexual person.

I love having sex with my boyfriends and girls, and even though I’ve always had an interest in sex and BDSM, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a relationship with a guy.

I never thought I’d have a boyfriend until I met Adri, who’s a pretty smart and sexy girl.

She and I went out with her boyfriend, Josh, and we got married in October.

We were really into it.

I was looking for something different and she’s just been like, “No, I’m not into sex.”

We were a big part of our relationship, and I’m really into sex.

I would love to have sex with her.

I’m like, I don’t know what to do.

Adrienne Bae, New Jersey, American Idol: I’ve had a few girlfriends.

Adi has always been the first to talk about having sex, which makes it hard for me to get laid.

When I’m with her, she’s like, Hey, you want to do something?

Like, Oh, I’d love to see that.

Then, I get horny, and she tells me she’s doing it.

It’s like she’s my sex toy.

We have sex for hours, and it’s really amazing.

When we’re together, it’s so amazing, because it’s just like, Adi is so good at sex.

When she’s on the pill, it makes me feel so fucking good.

It really does.

Adele Guevara, New Orleans, VH1: I know that the only way I can get myself off is to have a guy who’s into me, and that’s it.

You have to be open to that idea of wanting to fuck someone who you’re into, and the more open you are to that, the better it is.

So, I know I can’t do it by myself.

It depends on how I feel and what’s going on.

It doesn’t matter if I’m in love with a man or not.

But if I can fuck a man who’s passionate and is into me and wants to have it with me, I have to do it.

Jessica Simpson, Brooklyn, New Yorkers, Vivid: When I started having sex and was feeling more comfortable with myself, Adriane told me that she would love sex.

She wanted me to feel like she was mine and she was getting her way.

That was really the first time she told me what she wanted, and Adrianna told me.

It was really nice.

Adreya Moore, Los Angeles, Girlfriends Guide: I was in a relationship, so I was kind of just looking for the same sex.

Adore Delano, New Hampshire, Playboy: I like to have fun and I don of ever wanted to be the girl who was going out with someone.

But Adreia had this huge crush on me and I was like, That sounds really fun.

Adrielle Albright, Los Angles, Viacom, Girlfight: When Adreria and I were dating, I didn’t know who she was, but she had such a good vibe.

She was super easy to talk to, and when she did things, it was like the perfect way to get me off.

So I knew she wanted to fuck me.

We had sex for the first three days of our marriage, and every time I fucked her, I loved it.

Adrenia Spears, New Zealand, Bachelorette: My boyfriend, Jay, has a very open, open, sexy, sexual personality.

I know he’s been in love for so long, but I never really realized that he was into it, until Adriantina told me he was.

I mean, he’s really into the whole thing.

When you’re with him, he just takes it seriously.

He’s the first one to come over and talk about it.

He knows that there are people who are into it and he loves it.

So it was really fun to have her.

It makes me so happy, but sometimes it’s hard to be with someone who just has this really open, sex-positive attitude.

Laila, San Diego, Real Housewives of Orange County: I have been in relationships where people have asked me what my favorite thing about my partner is.

And I love saying, “My favorite thing is