RTE’s new ‘The Biggest Game’ will be the biggest game in Ireland

Posted November 07, 2019 12:07:33The Bigest Game in Ireland will be an exclusive digital release for all RTE audiences on Monday, November 10.

A brand new game, the latest instalment in the acclaimed series, will be available for RTE subscribers to play on their TVs and mobile devices.RTE will also make available an interactive experience to allow RTE users to engage with the game.RTFS director of digital content Nick Fain says the Biggest Games in Ireland is a massive undertaking that will be well received by RTE viewers.

“The Bigger Games in Dublin has been a major milestone in our history.

We are so proud of it.

This is the first digital release of The Biggest in Dublin and we hope fans will enjoy it and share their experiences with their friends and family.”

It will be a big hit for Irish audiences and we want them to feel included and connected to the RTE team.

“This is an amazing platform for the franchise and the brand.”

Nick Fain said it was a fantastic opportunity for the studio to reach a wider audience.

“We are really excited to be bringing The Bigger Game in to Ireland, a brand new digital game that is an entirely new experience and we can’t wait to bring it to RTE customers and other fans around the world,” he said.

“Irish audiences will love the interactive experience that is available on RTE, and will have an easy-to-follow, step-by-step journey through the game.”

The Big Big Game in Dublin will be released on a digital download and RTE will be offering a special limited edition digital version.

“I know that fans have been asking for this game to be available on their TV screens and we’re very pleased that RTE is bringing this special edition game to Ireland.

This will also be a great way for fans to share their feedback and experiences with RTE in Ireland,” said RTE chief executive, Mark Kelly.”

When RTE launched the Irish version of TheBiggest in 2015, we had to work hard to deliver the game to Irish audiences.

This version of the game is now on RTO and we have been extremely supportive of this new digital release.

We look forward to seeing the new version of Dublin, the biggest in the history of RTE.”RTE’s digital offering is the most significant digital launch for the brand since its debut on the platform in April 2016.

It will feature new content and features and will include the launch of new features on the RTO app and the new RTE app for iPad.

The digital offering will be free to subscribers for the first three weeks.

“As we enter into the launch phase of our new Irish digital edition, we are delighted to offer our loyal customers access to a brand-new digital experience that will have the potential to delight RTE fans around Ireland,” added Mr Kelly.

“Our aim is to give RTE an exclusive edge in Irish audiences by delivering the biggest digital experience in Irish history.”

The game is set to be released in Irish cinemas and on digital platforms.