Which movies are worth watching for people who are not big into sports?

I’m not going to lie: I’m a huge sports fan, so I was looking forward to seeing the new “Big Ten” basketball tournament this year.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the opening game, though.

It was boring, clunky, and lacking in suspense.

In the semifinals, though, it was really exciting.

The first half was a blur.

It felt like a football game.

And the second half, though it was a different game, it felt like it was just as good.

The second half was all about defense, and it was so much fun.

The players were just really good, and the players’ skill was on display throughout.

But the highlight of the first half?

I don’t think it was an outstanding play by the Michigan State Spartans’ Justin Jackson.

Jackson is a big, physical defensive lineman, and he made a tremendous play to knock down an open three-pointer by Deandre Ayton.

But Jackson was also in position to make a very good pass to a wide open Andre Drummond, who was playing with five seconds left.

He made the pass, but it didn’t go through.

But then it happened again.

Drummond made the perfect pass to the hoop.

Jackson, a bigger guy, was able to block Drummond and get to the rim.

And when the ball was put up by Drummond at the rim, Jackson’s defender, Justin Smith, had no choice but to jump to get it off.

There’s no way Smith was going to jump, let alone block Drummonds.

It would’ve been an easy call to call a timeout and let the game go on.

But he made the right call.

There were plenty of missed shots on the second night of the Big Ten tournament, and Jackson was a major part of the reason why.

It’s a testament to how good Michigan State’s defensive play was that they managed to win by a point.

I would love to see what the Spartans can do in the Big 10 tournament this season.

But Michigan State is going to be playing its next game, and I can’t wait to see how it plays.