Which companies are worth the most in the 2017-18 financial year?

The financial sector is on the rise in the U.S. as companies like Amazon and Apple reap record profits, but the industry is not immune to the ongoing crisis that’s hit the U-S.


Read More , which has created a new, more volatile environment, and the potential for some major players to suffer losses.

A recent Reuters survey found that a majority of companies that reported revenue from the financial industry in the first half of 2017 had negative net income.

Many were expected to make huge profits, while others saw a drop in revenue.

The chart below shows how these companies fared from the start of the year through the first quarter of 2018.

The chart shows that Amazon and Netflix are the most profitable companies in the financial sector in the second quarter of 2017, with $3.3 billion in total revenues.

Amazon had a net income of $1.2 billion in the third quarter, according to Reuters data.

Netflix, meanwhile, had a $1 billion net income in the fourth quarter, down from a year ago.

The company also saw revenue declines of $6 million and $4 million in the same quarters.

Apple, which also saw a net loss in the quarter, had net income from its digital business of $3 billion, down $5 million from the previous quarter.

Microsoft had a total revenue of $5.3 bn in the three-month period.

Apple was the largest recipient of net income by far, with an annualized total of $2.3 trillion in revenue, according a Reuters report.

But Microsoft’s revenue was also significantly lower than Amazon’s, which was $5 billion, or Apple’s $2 billion, which came from Microsoft’s cloud services business.

Amazon also saw some major changes in the quarterly results, with revenues of $7.3 bln, down 8 percent from the year ago quarter.

Netflix saw a $2 million decline in revenue from its video streaming service, while the company also reported a $9.7 billion loss from the cloud computing business.

Apple also saw revenues of around $5 bn, up from $4.9 billion in 2017.

Apple’s revenue fell $1 million, while Netflix’s revenue rose $2 bn.

Amazon saw a much larger drop in its revenue, with revenue dropping $1,000.

Microsoft also saw its revenue fall $1 bn and Microsoft was the only company to report a net profit in the entire quarter.

Apple and Netflix have been under pressure from investors and regulators to provide greater transparency and transparency on their financial results.