What to know about the Galleria Mall’s new art galleries and galleries in Houston

The Galleria mall in downtown Houston is getting new art.

The Galleria is adding a new art gallery called Gallery Wall.

The new gallery will have the largest number of permanent and temporary art pieces in the Galleries.

This is going to be the biggest expansion we’ve ever seen in the mall, said Michael Breen, senior vice president of development at Galleries Houston.

The gallery will be on the first floor of the Gallerie and will have a gallery that’s the size of a four-story building.

This will be the largest expansion we’re ever going to see in the entire Galleries, said Breen.

It will include a large, permanent installation of work from artists like Richard Prince and Jodie Hill.

We are excited about the new gallery, said Houston resident Sarah Ruppel.

The Gallery Wall will be part of the new Galleries renovation project that is set to open in 2020.

The renovation is being led by Galleries Development, which is owned by Galleria Properties.

The building is already full of art, but now the Gallery has some new pieces of art to keep it occupied.

They’re including works by the likes of Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, and Robert Smith.

Ruppel said she was thrilled to see that new Galleria piece.

I really like it, she said.

We are getting art now in the city and I think it’s very nice to see the gallery going in that direction.