Restaurants are looking to keep the lights on as the holiday season draws to a close

It’s the end of an era for restaurants across the country as temperatures in the US hit record highs for the holiday period.

With temperatures hovering around 40C in Houston and some areas reaching over 100C in some areas, many restaurants have decided to take their holiday to the dark side, by reducing the number of lights on their tables.

The number of restaurants and bars in the United States that will open this year has been limited to four, with some cities like Dallas limiting the number to two.

However, many local restaurants are looking into changing their lighting fixtures to keep customers entertained and stay warm.

“I’ve noticed a lot of restaurants are going to do that to keep us entertained and we’re going to keep them warm,” said owner and chef Alex Sosa.

While he has already started to reduce the number in his restaurant, Sosa is hoping other establishments will follow suit.

“When you’re sitting at a table with a lot more people, you’re going, ‘Hey, what’s up?'” he said.

“There’s going to be less people there, so you’re less likely to get overheated, and it’ll be more comfortable.”

So that’s a good thing.

“”We are in a pretty good spot right now and hopefully we’re still here when we get to Christmas.

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