A lot of money has been spent in the last year and a half on this ‘toxic’ glass in our stores

Posted February 08, 2019 09:57:14A lot of people are now complaining about the smell in the air in the mall stores, and it seems to have caught on with the public. 

According to a new study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly a third of malls in the United States had air pollution in 2016. 

The CDC found that mall air pollution is one of the top five air pollutants for consumers. 

One study found that stores that have outdoor seating have the highest rates of air pollution, while indoor retail has the highest rate of air pollutants. 

Mall stores also tend to have larger than average stores, making them a particularly vulnerable to air pollution. 

“It’s not surprising that they’re at risk of developing respiratory health issues,” said Dr. Michael Hausman, director of the Center for Urban Health Research at the University of California San Francisco.

“They’re exposed to a lot of different types of air in a crowded environment.” 

Malls also have high levels of lead, mercury, nitrogen oxide and other harmful pollutants, including sulfur dioxide.

“There’s a lot more than meets the eye in our malls,” said John Clements, an environmental health researcher at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance in Los Angeles. 

Clements is also concerned about how the air is being handled, especially by stores. 

He said malls have an array of cleaning chemicals on hand, but these aren’t used to kill germs.

“I have a lot that is being used to make sure that there’s not any food in there, and so if there’s a food item in there that may have been contaminated, then the chemicals would have been removed,” he said. 

Hausman said that it’s also worth noting that these are the same chemicals used to clean the buildings, so the amount of pollutants that can enter the environment is the same regardless of the building. 

There are also other ways malls are contributing to the problem, he said, including by making them less walkable. 

Locations like the Mall of America and other malls are already taking steps to reduce pollution, with a number of new air quality monitoring stations and improved ventilation. 

In Los Angeles, the city also plans to create an outdoor air quality zone for outdoor shopping, with plans to extend the same zone to residential areas.