What Disney says about its new lingerie store in Houston

Disney is now expanding its lingerie line in the Houston area with a boutique store in Westin Galleria, where it is opening an expanded gallery.

The Westin Gallery is now home to an expanded collection of high-end lingerie and lingerie accessories, along with a new boutique store, according to Disney spokeswoman Michelle O’Dell. 

The Westin store is the latest addition to Disney’s expanded lingerie department, which will include a new lingeries line for women.

The new line includes lingerie from brands like H&M, Givenchy, Zara, and other retailers, as well as accessories like earrings, belts, and bras.

The Westins first Houston location opened in February, and the store opened on the first floor of Westin Houston on May 10.

It will be the first Westin outlet to open in Texas.

The store is expected to open sometime in 2018.

“We’re excited to partner with Westin and our new customers to bring more women’s and men’s apparel to Houston,” said Julie Henn, vice president of merchandise and apparel for Disney.

“We’re committed to supporting our women in all their creative pursuits, and Westin is the perfect place to bring their passion and attention to the ladies of Houston.”

The Westlin Galleria store will be Disney’s first Houston store to be fully remodeled, according the company.

The Houston-based company said the remodel will include new displays, an improved merchandise selection, and an expanded selection of accessories, including accessories and earrings. 

More information on the Westin gallery can be found on Disney’s blog.