New York City’s new mayor, a big fan of hipster culture

LONDON — New York’s first openly gay mayor, Yair Lapid, was sworn in on Tuesday.

Lapid, who was first elected mayor in September, is the latest Jewish, Muslim and Jewish-American to enter politics, including a Jewish mayor of the French capital, Paris, and a Jewish politician in Israel, according to the Jewish Federations of North America.

He is also a former mayor of Queens, New York.

Lamot’s victory over two-term incumbent Mike Bloomberg, who is Jewish, was hailed by supporters as a sign of Jewish life in the U.S. and a sign that Jews were in charge.

Lapoisonne, a French language term for “people of Jewish descent,” is a popular term for Jewish people of European descent, as it has been used for centuries to describe people who are part of a specific ethnic group.

The term also can refer to people who identify as non-Jewish.

Lama Tabor, an activist who works with Jews at the United Nations, hailed Lapid as “the most progressive mayor of New York.”

He said he was proud to call Lapid “the next mayor of London.”