How to celebrate with a painting at the memorial art gallery in Chicago

Chicago’s art scene has been devastated by the deadly shooting of nine police officers at a community art gallery on Friday, killing at least five.

The shootings occurred after a dispute over a painting by Chicago artist Carlos Ruiz that was on view at the Memorial Art Gallery in Chicago.

The gallery has become a makeshift memorial to those who have died in recent years in the line of duty and is home to works by Chicagoans who have made a mark in Chicago, including an exhibition of works by American artists.

In a Facebook post, the art gallery said the shooting occurred just before the opening of the exhibition.

We ask that you respect the privacy of our staff and the families of the deceased and the loved ones who have been touched by our work.

The memorial is now open to the public and can be viewed on a small screen inside the gallery.

The shooting was the sixth fatal police shooting in the city this year, and the second in less than a month.

On Monday, a man fatally shot another man during a domestic dispute in the same neighborhood, and a man was shot and killed on the city’s South Side earlier this month.