Why we love Westin Galleria – a look back

Galleria Hidalgo, TX, May 6, 2018 – Westin is a boutique hotel in Houston’s downtown district, a jewel in the crown of the Houston shopping district.

It has a rich history and a diverse clientele, which are part of its appeal, said Westin senior vice president of marketing and communications, J.C. Smith. 

In recent years, Westin has been a focal point of Westin Hidalgos success story. 

Its success has been fueled by its unique blend of luxury and casual experiences that include the Galleria’s first hotel-casino, an elegant dining experience, and the award-winning Westin’s award-nominated breakfast. 

The brand has grown into a $5 billion retailing and hotel empire, which Smith said is a key driver of Westins success. 

“It’s not just the people who visit us,” Smith said.

“It’s the people that stay at Westin. 

Westin is the place where we go when we’re traveling, because Westin serves the people and the people come to Westin.” 

The Galleria opened its doors in 2013, a short distance from the Texas Medical Center. 

Smith said Westins design and construction, which include its own hotel, is a result of Westinc.com.

“We wanted to do a hotel that people could enjoy, so we took a long-time approach to design and build it in a way that made it affordable,” Smith explained. 

For the brand’s guests, the hotel has many features, including two-and-a-half-story guest rooms with balconies and private restrooms. 

Another hallmark of the hotel is the hotel’s location at Westins own shopping mall, the Gallerie’s flagship store, and Westin headquarters. 

When Westin opened its flagship store in 2012, it was a rare example of a major retailer opening in Houston. 

After years of growth, Westins annual revenue reached $4.4 billion in 2017. 

But for the past few years, the chain has been struggling with revenue.

In February, Westinc’s board of directors approved a $500 million plan to trim about 5,000 jobs in the Houston area. 

Meanwhile, Smith said that the Galleries own retail brand is “getting stronger and stronger.” 

“That’s the beauty of West Inc,” Smith continued.

“There’s so much competition in the marketplace right now and we want to be a leader in that. 

As Westin becomes more and more established in this market, West Inc. is doing great things.” 

Westins first major tenant at the Gallieries is the new Westin Lounge, which is now open for business. 

(Photo: Westin) Smith also highlighted Westins recent partnership with the Marriott Hotels, the second-largest hotel chain in the United States, to expand into Houston.

The new Westins Galleria Houston hotel and its new Westinc Houston hotel will include the largest single-family residential guest room in the city and offer guests exclusive access to the Galliers brand of luxurious guest service. 

With its hotel and the Gallerys new hotel, Westine is also expanding the brand into the luxury shopping center and will expand into the city’s convention center and retail districts. 

This partnership also comes at a time when Westin and Westinc are both looking to expand the luxury retail market in Houston and beyond. 

Last month, Westintheatre announced a partnership with Kmart and the Dallas Cowboys to open a boutique mall in downtown Dallas. 

 And in February, the Westin Houston hotel was awarded the Houston Sports Center Design Challenge for its design, which includes an expansive rooftop garden. 

It’s hard to say how Westin will fare in the near term.

The Galleries new Galleria hotel will be located in the Gallery District, a major commercial and retail area that includes Westin retail stores, its retail outlets and restaurants.