Every Kacey Barnfield Scene in Grange Hill

Kacey arrives in series 24 of Grange Hill as Maddie Gilks, a naughty schoolgirl who immediately sets about causing mischief for her fellow pupils.

In her second year, Maddie receives her comeuppance after loneliness and depression drive her to start drinking and fall in with the wrong crowd.

Series 26 sees the beginning of Maddie’s turbulent relationship with Baz, a classmate who appears to be hiding something from her.

More dramas with Baz in series 27. Give up, Maddie! Just find someone else!

Maddie gets involved with the school radio station in series 28, and has finally ended things with Baz (sort of) so she decides to interfere with her best friend’s relationship instead.

In her final series, Maddie has stayed on into the sixth-form, but is wondering whether she’s made the right choice.

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